- Studying, listening, repeating and memorizing Holy Qur'an anytime, anywhere !!
     - Scheduling daily Islamic life with prayer times with adhan, Qiblah direction indicator,
        Islamic calendar and so on.

      The original PenMan - IQRA'A                                                           Made in Korea by PenMan





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   By Al-Azhar and each country's     religious organization.
    We are only one and the first
    company, in the world, who
    has got the certifcates for the     Holy Qur'an for Handheld     device from Al Azhar Al Sharif.

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     We take pride in our digital      technology specialized for      Islamic contents.

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    Released CQ7
    With "FM transmitter function"
    You can enjoy the Qur'an
    Sound through carspeaker
    in your car. (January 4, 2012)

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With "IQRA'A", you can keep daily Islamic life much more faithful
enjoyable and rewarding !!


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